Welcome to The Black Barn Online

Where faith and art cultivated in community take root, flourish, and grow.

We are

the Black Barn Collective, and we gather in the Black Barn Online to respond to guided conversations around faith and creativity. 

We believe that healthy communities are fertile soil for artistic creation and spiritual formation and that listening to God, to one another, and to works of art are skills that can and should be practiced together.

Together, we turn social media's usual ways upside down.

You are invited

for no fee to participate in weekly rhythms of listening, sharing, and celebrating with a community committed to caring for the gift of creativity together.

In the Black Barn Collective, we are curious, hungry, eager to learn and be inspired. 

Our hope is that as we learn and grow together, this will be a community where you want to linger.

All are welcome

in the Black Barn Online. Our community is rooted in Christian faith, but all are welcome to join us in celebrating our shared identity as people who are wonderfully made and thus able to make wonderful things.


What can I expect?

For those who want conversation and a feast, you are invited to take a seat at a virtual Table, Retreat, or Workshop...this is where we offer various classes that will help grow your knowledge in the many forms of art, in learning the disciplines of soul care, and in the facets of the Liturgical calendar. 

These classes are led by gifted and experienced guides whom we want to compensate, so there is a fee to join in but you need only join in those classes that interest you; although we feel confident they all will!

Lastly writing is an artform which needs readers to enjoy, thus we have created a space in the Barn called The Black Barn Literary Society. You may choose to join this book club for $10/month. This is no ordinary book club and we would love to welcome you; find more details in the Barn.

Black Barn Press, Inc. is a registered nonprofit. If you would would like to make a tax-deductible donation to help ensure that this community is accessible to all and is sustainable. Simply send your donation through PayPal to maplehurstblackbarn [at] gmail [dot] com. Thank You!

Black Barn Press, Inc. was founded in 2018 by Jonathan and Christie Purifoy and Peter and Lisa-Jo Baker. Board members and organizational leaders include Amy Knorr, Elrena Evans, Allison Duncan, and Michael Coyle. For more information check out our website www.blackbarncollective.com